Wednesday, 10 October 2018

HUMPTY SHARMA KI DULHANIA – Lucky Tu Lucky Me (Lyrics/Hindi/Eng)

O P E N ME; 👇🏻

♥︎I’M BACK!♥

hello everyone! I’m super flattered & blushing like a daisy at all the comments/view/general overall L.O.V.E¡ on my SOTY’s lyrical video for “The Disco Song” I posted back in August of 2016, it surpassed a 100k views!!! Seriously it was just supposed to be a small fling but it turned out to be a big thing! ♥
So I’ve decided to make more! (starting this summer lmao) This song’s basically a bop and it’s been hiding in my playlist for the longest so why not make a lyrical video for it?
You may comment any requests and add a like, comment and SHARE IT! :3
If there are any mistakes, please don’t mind it, this was rushed ugh ;p

By the way, if some of you can’t understand English and need the actual Hindi (Devanagari) script’ let me know && I’ll be sure to add it next time!

Love & finger hearts ~ Sonia ☁♥︎ (april 29th 2018 6:09 pm U.S eastern time)


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