Saturday, 13 October 2018

‘Saath Pighal Jae’ : My 2nd original hindi song(lyrics + song tune) with Joe satriani’s ‘Crying’ .

‘Saath pighal jae’ : my 2nd original song(lyrics + song tune) with Joe satriani’s ‘Crying’ instrumental. And since I shot this outdoors when it was raining so occasional thunder got recorded too!! 👻😚☺☺ Thanks to my dad(feat at 5:10min lol) for accompanying me!

App used: smule( I dnt hv any other means currently other than this app 😓)

Filter:No pop

Lyrics : Sampoorna

Tune: Sampoorna

Background music: Joe satriani’s

Copyright: Sampoorna (Non-Monetary)

Kindly don’t use abusive words. All opinions are welcome..☺

Happy mother’s day!let me know how you all celebrated mother’s day 🙂


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