Sunday, 30 December 2018

War Child & Didjak Munya – Song on HIV/AIDS + Lyrics

We took Congolese hip-hop artist Didjak Munya to the ‘City of Hope’ outside Kinshasa to record a song about HIV/AIDS with some of the young people we’re working with there. The song features lyrics in 5 different languages and is being used as a HIV/AIDS education tool by us and other NGOs in D.R. Congo.

The lyrics:
Song on HIV/AIDS by Didjak Munya (feat young people from War Child’s projects)

Jean Marc Page (War Child’s guy in Congo) – see how it goes…
We fight against AIDS
Abstinance, Fidelity and the condom, OK
Hey cousin, don’t forget to get tested; brother, sister

AIDS kills my brother. my sister, keep on your guard (x4)

Hey brother, sister – AIDS kills
It’s not a bluff, it’s real stuff
AIDS kills, we are not in a science fiction movie, be careful you are risking the rest of your life
Be aware that AIDS kills. Life is not a draft, tomorrow it will be too late – you will cry and pray to God
Even success has its limits
Be careful or else you’ll explode like dynamite

It’s not a myth
For real, we need to fight against AIDS
Madness and carelessness lead to loss
Tomorrow we will put flowers on your tomb
Many handsome guys like you, ‘like you’
Many pretty girls like you, ‘like ‘you’
Have lost their lives like this, ‘like this’
By looking at their lives fall apart like a house of cards
AIDS takes you down the wrong path, ruining your chance to fulfill your life
Your lineage is in the danger zone
Be aware cousin, life is precious
Be on your guard, don’t fall in the trap of AIDS.

Awareness before pleasure, desire
Keep abstinance, fidelity and the condom
AIDS has no pity, it kills, it’s true. Life is precious so don’t hurry.
This pandemic does not forgive so keep on your guard

Rap 2:
Brother, sister you have 3 ways to protect yourself from HIV/AIDS
Abstinence, Fidelity and the condom
It’s that or crash, if yuo take the risk i swear ou’ll pay for it in cash
Abstain if you don’t feel it
Stay faithful to avoid doubt
use a condom and keep on your guard.

Lingala, Swahili, Tshiluba, Kikongo versions:
My brother, my sister, you need to know how to protect your life
The disease of AIDS does not forgive
The disease of AIDS has no brothers or sisters

** No presumption or inference about an indivdual’s HIV/AIDS status is made by their appearnace in this video.


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