Sunday, 31 March 2019

Will You Let Us Go? (With Lyrics) – Passover Song to "Take A Chance On Me" (Abba)

This is was one of the Abba songs we adapted for our IMMA show for the Women’s Concert in Yad Binyamin, March 2012. This one, “Will You Let Us Go”, was adapted from “Take A Chance On Me” and was rewritten by my friend Sara Levy, and sung by Yisrael Edward Cohen. It is part of the Passover show that we did. My son, Asher (12 years old), helped me put together this videoclip. We used clips from Prince Of Egypt, The 10 Commandments and various other images. This is his first movie he has ever made/edited so I think it is pretty good for a first! Thanks, Asher!


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